What You Should Know About Side Bets on Blackjack

Aug 7, 2022 Gambling

There are different kinds of blackjack games. You can choose to stand or hit on your cards. If you are successful, you will get your payout. Otherwise, you will keep the original bet and no more. Alternatively, you can indicate you want to take another hit. This way, you can continue the game and play with the other players. In either case, you will not win anything more than you have bet. Hence, you should play carefully and learn the game thoroughly.

Basic strategy

The basic blackjack strategy involves following certain rules to reduce the house edge and maximize your chances of winning. It is best to stick to the basic blackjack strategy chart based on the probability of getting closer to 21. It should also guide all decisions made when playing blackjack. However, it is important to remember that this strategy is not always appropriate for all players. In some cases, the rules of blackjack may vary slightly from those described in the blackjack basic strategy chart.

Side bets

Side bets on blackjack are popular options that players can make while playing the game. They come in many varieties, including insurance, 21+3, and perfect pairs. You can play side bets on blackjack on most land-based casinos, as well as online. You can stick to a single type of side bet, or you can mix and match several different types. Here are some of the most common side bets:

House edge

Generally, blackjack has a 1.5% house edge, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting $.985 back for every $1 you spend. Instead, you’ll make or lose money, and you’ll see ups and downs in your winnings and losses. You may play $100 hands an hour, losing half of them, and winning $500 in the meantime. What you need to do is understand how the house edge affects you and your play.

Split hands

Many people question whether or not splitting hands on blackjack is beneficial. In general, splitting hands can increase the odds of hitting a soft 18 or soft 19 rather than a blackjack. While splitting hands on a six is not a good idea, many blackjack devotees believe that there’s too much risk of busting. It’s also worth noting that splitting a pair of aces is a bad idea.


When you play blackjack, you have two choices: standing or surrendering. Surrendering will forfeit half of your bet. You can also choose to surrender after the dealer checks for blackjack. Basic strategy tables will indicate the correct time to surrender, depending on the total of your cards, the dealer’s upcard and number of decks. The right two columns represent the dealer’s ace, depending on whether he stands or hits a soft 17 after the dealer checks for blackjack.


If you’re a gambler who enjoys blackjack games, you may be wondering if you should take out blackjack insurance. This is not a good idea, though, because you’ll likely end up losing your original bet. This type of insurance is only worth it when the dealer has a blackjack, or when their second card gives them a blackjack. There are several different reasons to avoid this option, and you should consider it only when you’re confident that you can beat the dealer at blackjack.

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